Mini Pulverizers

The mini pulveriser has been designed after years of research, trial and test. A simple machine that grinds without stones. Other than abrasive material, that wears off the grinding steel parts, it grinds anything and everything, wet or dry and to the fineness required. It occupies very little space, largest size is 4 x 2 x 4 1/2 ft. height, easy to operate, wash and clean. Grinding is done under cool atmospheric air, thus retaining the original color, taste and fragrance of the material ground, which no other machine can guarantee. The powder obtained is as good as hand pound powder, guaranteeing the Ag-mark seal.
It grinds all most all spices, mas-alas, salt, coffee,fresh fruits, vegetables,to sopari,herbs, toots, leaves, bark of trees, oil cake, dry fish, cattle and poultry feeds. soap chips, charcoal, bones, cardboard, cotton rags, leather and cork scrap, including chemicals, dyes, pigments etc.